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Choosing a Nursing Home If the time has come to place an elderly relative in a nursing home, you will no doubt want to do everything you can to make sure you pick a place which is suitable for their needs. It is really easy to be overwhelmed by the range of services offered by nursing homes. That is the reason we decided to start writing this blog. Here, you will find short pieces which address every aspect of choosing a nursing home, from what to ask staff, to details of additional services you may want to request. While no one here can claim to be an expert, we have done many hours of research into this topic.





Does your loved one need aged care? There are different aged care alternatives to choose from. Therefore, families are often undecided about the best way to provide aged care. Below is a comparison of the various aged care options. 

Home Care   

Home care is an arrangement where your loved one receives care at home. It is a viable option for seniors who are sentimentally attached to their homes or those who would want to spend their sunset years with their families. Below are several interventions that can guarantee the success of home care; 

  • Meet with your doctor to determine your health needs. For example, the doctor could recommend a specific diet or ask you to consider regular exercise.
  • Do you have mobility issues? If you do, consider home improvements that guarantee independence. For instance, you could install bath mats, rails and ramps on the property.
  • Determine the need for a caregiver. If you do, hire an experienced caregiver to introduce your loved ones to caregiving.
  • Check how you will maintain your social networks when receiving care at home. For example, you could join the local book club or golf club. 

Retirement Homes

Retirement homes suit seniors who enjoy the company of other seniors. Typically, these are complexes designed to accommodate senior citizens. The rule is to conduct a thorough assessment before joining a retirement village. For example, evaluate the community's social life to determine whether you fit into the new lifestyle. You could check the profession, age, religion and culture of other seniors at the facility. You could also inquire about the existence of specialist networks and support groups in the community. For example, you might be interested in joining a community with charity clubs and disability support networks. 

Assess the conditions of purchasing or leasing homes in the facility. For instance, does the retirement village have a waitlist? What is the eligibility criteria? You should also hire a property lawyer to help appraise the property value and negotiate the sale conditions. For example, you might want a share of the property's appreciation once you cancel the retirement village contract. 

Supported Living Facilities 

Supported living facilities accommodate seniors who need health support and housekeeping services. When joining these facilities, assess the type of medical support offered at the facility. For instance, you could check whether caregivers are conversant with your health conditions. You should also assess the accommodation options. For example, you might want to live independently or share an apartment with a close friend. 

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