Four Useful Food and Drink Options in a Retirement Village

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As you look at retirement communities, you'll likely keep an eye out for services and facilities on the sites you visit. Choosing a community with the right facilities for your leisure and social interests is important.

While you may plan on sorting out your own food in your new home, it helps to have some communal catering options that you can use if you want to. What should you look out for?

1. Restaurants

Depending on the size of the village you move into, you may have access to a single restaurant or a couple of different dining options. These can range from simple dining areas in communal centres that are serviced by the village's catering staff through to stand-alone independent restaurants.

A restaurant is a nice feature to have, even if you'll do your own cooking most of the time. You can eat out when you feel like it, either on your own or with village friends. If you have friends or family visiting, then you can also treat them to a meal without having to go off-site.

2. Cafes

Some retirement villages also have community cafes or coffee shops on site. These are often popular social hubs that allow people in the village to get together for a cuppa, a light snack or a slice of cake.

If you have your own coffee shop in the village, then you have a place to relax over a drink on quiet days. You don't have to go into town to grab a coffee and to read a paper. You can simply amble over to your own coffee shop when you want some air and to get out of the house.

3. Bars

If you like spending an hour or two in your local pub in the evenings, then a retirement village with a bar is a good option. Generally, you're more likely to find a bar in a community centre set-up rather than a stand-alone pub here.

Even so, this gives you somewhere to enjoy a drink with your mates. If you like sports, then look for villages that have TVs in the bar and relevant sports subscriptions.

4. Alfresco Cooking Areas

You might not get your own garden in a retirement community. If you like having a barbie, then losing space to cook outdoors will be a wrench.

However, some villages have specific barbeque areas that residents can use. You may need to book out an area in advance, but you'll at least get a barbie setup that's ready to use in a pleasant alfresco dining area.

To find out more about catering options, talk to village staff when you look round. Current residents can also fill you in on what the food is like in the village.

To learn more about retirement living, contact retirement villages in your area.

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